Safety at the heart of FrogTrust

FrogTrust is an embedded high-security encryption system for mobile telecommunications. It was designed and produced in France by CRISTAL CYBER.

Dedicated to smartphones using iOS or android, it meets the expectations of demanding customers concerned about the confidentiality of their telecommunications.

Your communications are private, and they rest so

FrogTrust 2. 0 is based on a high-availability technical architecture housed in a French company.

It can be hosted at customers’ homes if they wish.

It implements several servers, one of the main roles of which is to ensure the authentication of members of the network

End-to-end encrypted conversations never pass through the server

Unlike many other messaging solutions, FrogTrust. 2.0 has its own phone directory administered by the customer and does not depend on the smartphone’s address book, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of the user’s personal data

FrogTrust so it’s…

A secure

  • A closed mobile communication network highly secured
  • End-to-end encryption of data
  • No data stored on servers


  • An architecture designed and operated in France 
  • French development and support teams


  • A user-friendly and intuitive solution that can be installed remotely and operational in seconds
  • Exceptional audio quality

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