Features for organizations

FrogTrust is designed to provide a trusted service to businesses and organizations :

  • To ensure safe exchanges while respecting the necessary silos within these structures.
  • Assign rights to users associated with functional groups defined by the organizations themselves.
  • Get all the benefits of an exchange and collaboration app

Chat &
group discussion

Interact with one or more people by creating group discussions.

Audio & Video

Create video audio conferences to bring your team together even remotely.

Share files with
your staff

Safely exchange any type of documents.
Without voluntary action on your part they will remain stored on your phone in the FrogTrust Protected Area.

Group Mode

Contact your team in the group in which you were registered

Via a very simple administration interface FrogTrust 2.0 allows  each user to belong to one or more groups.

In this mode each user can only communicate with members of the group to which they have been associated.

Extended Mode

Communicate with users at the same level as you

Authorization levels are assigned to certain users to allow them to communicate outside their group with users at the same level.

External Mode

Invite members of external organizations using FrogTrust

In secure exchanges with another organization with a FrogTrust network it is possible to send an invitation to an external correspondent of this structure.

FrogTrust address book  is  not visible to external correspondents and users cannot access the caller who sends you or to whom you have sent an invitation

Une application adaptée aux besoins des organisations


  • Save calls to listen to them later

  • Create time-limited messages for optimal information security


FrogTrust is compatible with iOS and Android devices on both smartphone and tablet.


  • Easily manage your users with just a few clicks

  • Add delete or assign rights to members of your organization easily with the simple and intuitive interface

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